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Education & Human Development Professor Receives Technology Support Grant

Dr. Papia Bawa, Assistant Professor in Education and Human Development, received the 2021-2022 Faculty/Staff Technology Support Initiative Grant for the “MSID Technology Enhancement for Market Readiness Project”.

Matthew Halloran

Matthew Halloran discusses how his time at SUNY Brockport formed him into the educator he is today at Victor Central School District.

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Nolan Flores ’07

BS in Biology, MSEd in Education and Human Development

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Departments of Education and Human Development & Educational Administration Awarded Teacher Pipeline Innovation Grant

The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation awarded Brockport a Teacher Pipeline Innovation Grant for $86,628. The grant will provide pilot funding to explore the impacts of various direct financial support models intended to expand the supply of teacher candidates from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

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SummerLEAP Director & Grad Assistant Present at Conference

Dr. Amy Shema, Professor of Education and Human Development and Director of SummerLEAP, and Aracely Hernandez, SummerLEAP graduate assistant, presented at the Critical Questions in Education Conference in Charleston, SC.

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Representation in Education

New funding aims to increase the number of teachers with historically underrepresented backgrounds to better reflect the diversity of our community.

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Gaming to Learn

Research finds video games to be an effective teaching tool in classrooms.

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Examining Young Adult Literature, Fairytales & Violence Against Women

Dr. Kathleen Colantonio-Yurko, Dr. Kathleen Olmstead, and Dr. Henry “Cody” Miller (Education and Human Development) along with doctoral student Shelby Boehm (University of Florida) published an article in Girlhood Studies.

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The Teachings of Queen B

English education professor uses music videos by Beyoncé and other artists to educate students about political protests.

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Why Games? The Use of Video Games in Business & English Courses

Dr. Papia Bawa (Assistant Professor in Education and Human Development) published an article in the International Journal of Game-Based Learning.