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Getting to the Root of an Invasive Plant

Undergraduate research project seeks to identify the reason Japanese Knotweed halts the growth of surrounding flora.

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Chemistry & Biochemistry Professor’s Grant Proposal Funded by the NSF

Dr. Mark Heitz and co-PIs submitted a grant proposal to the NSF-Major Research Instruments program that was selected for funding. The proposal for $310,000 was awarded for the purchase of a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser and detection system to study ultrafast molecular dynamics in novel solvent systems.

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Biochemistry Students Earn Top College Honors

Hunter Czajkowski and Matthew Too receive the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence.

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Chemistry Professor Reaches Pubishing Milestone with Help from Undergraduate Students

Professor Markus Hoffmann (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) published two peer-reviewed articles in short succession, alongside undergraduate co-authors, reaching 50 peer-reviewed works at SUNY Brockport.

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Chemistry Professors Publish Research in the Journal of Chemical Education

Dr. Robert LeSuer and Dr. Carly Reed (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) published their research on the use of technology to increase student engagement during hybrid instruction in the Journal of Chemical Education.

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Central Africa’s Next Healthcare Hero

International student Joahn Marwin Okoumba is heading to pharmacy school determined to improve health care back home.

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Chemistry & Biochemistry Professor Serves as General Chair of the American Chemical Society Northeast Regional Meeting

Dr. Mark Heitz presented a talk titled “Coumarin 153 Solvation Dynamics in Methanol-Water Binary Mixtures: Are There Implications for Ionic Liquid Solutions?”

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Megan Bullard

BS in Chemistry

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A Legacy Left on the Periodic Table

Alum Megan Bennett’s dedication to chemistry led to the discovery of Element 117 — Tennessine (TS).