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Things to Know, the Student E-Newsletter, Launching this Spring

Weekly e-newsletter to be distributed to all current undergraduate and graduate students, starting January 30, 2023.

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Student’s Research Skills Earns National Recognition

Matthew Too (double major in Biochemistry and Mathematics) won the Student Research Award from the Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS).

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Environmental Science & Ecology Graduate Students Receive Grants to Support Research

Thomas Blowers, Colin Clark, and Nick Farese each received a $1,000 student grant from the Great Lakes Research Consortium to support research.

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Student Teaching Candidates Participate in Safe Teacher Workshop

Student teaching candidates in the Childhood and Adolescence Inclusive Education Programs and three college supervisors participated in a Safe Teacher Workshop offered by Stephen Fiorino at Hill Elementary School.

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Department of Political Science Sponsors Student Tour of the NYS Supreme Court

On October 3, students from a variety of disciplines had the opportunity to tour the NYS Supreme Court, 4th Appellate Division, in Rochester, which hears appeals from 22 central and western New York State counties.

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2021 Faculty-Student Engagement Award Nomination

Students and faculty are invited to nominate faculty for the Faculty-Student Engagement Award. This award covers faculty engagement with individuals or groups of students related to scholarly or creative work beyond instructional expectations.

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Physics Faculty & Students Publish Paper on Neuromorphic Computing

The paper was selected as an Editor’s Pick and is highlighted on the journal’s homepage. The primary goal of the project is to develop a specific material (niobium dioxide) for incorporation in next-generation power-efficient devices for use in computer architectures.

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bits and bYtes — Department of Computing Sciences Newsletter

The Department of Computing Sciences is pleased to present the inaugural issue of our newsletter, “bits and bYtes.”

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Faculty & Student Mini Grants Awarded

Awardees for the Spring 2021 faculty and student mini grants have been announced. Join us in congratulating the award winning projects.

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Sociology Student Wins Database Curator of the Year Award

Sociology major Jordan Marsh was awarded the Debbie Petty Memorial Community Resource Specialist Database Curator of the Year Award for their work with 211/LIFE LINE.