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Meet Our New Chief Diversity Officer

Damita Davis joined SUNY Brockport as the new Chief Diversity Officer on July 1, 2021, with the intent to help foster a change in the community’s culture for the better.

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Graduating Student Leaders Earn Top Honors

Meet the Class of 2023 graduates who have been honored with the University’s most prestigious student awards.

Student News

Graduating Student Leaders Earn Top Honors

Meet the Class of 2022 graduates who have been honored with the college’s most prestigious student awards.


Diversity Training Spurs New Initiatives

Nine week training course expected to have a lasting impact on campus.

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Therapeutic Llamas

An epiphany that combined a love for llamas with a career in therapy is leading to groundbreaking social work.

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Representation in Education

New funding aims to increase the number of teachers with historically underrepresented backgrounds to better reflect the diversity of our community.

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Betsy Balzano Scholars Established from $619K Estate Gift

The Betsy Balzano Scholars fund will assist up to 12 students annually with non-tuitional education expenses, after Dr. Betsy Balzano left an estate gift of $619,000 to the Brockport Foundation.

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Brockport Launches Four New Majors

Starting this semester, cybersecurity, early childhood inclusive education, economics, and graphic design majors will be offered to undergraduate students.


From Book to Future Blockbuster

An Oscar-winning director‘s upcoming film – produced by Brad Pitt and starring Robert Pattinson – shares a unique connection with SUNY Brockport.


Remembering September 11, 2001

The story of what transpired on the SUNY Brockport campus 20 years ago following the most deadly terrorist attack in United States history.