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New Center Hopes to Increase Racial & Cultural Inclusivity on Campus

The Joey Jackson Intercultural Center is dedicated to providing students from underrepresented groups, and their allies, opportunities for leadership development, celebration, collaboration, and education.

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How One Family Preserved Ukrainian Culture

Longtime emeriti couple spent decades collecting thousands of pieces of Ukrainian literature that were banned by the Soviet Union. Their work is now in jeopardy.

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Brockport Expands Global Opportunities Behind $300K Gift from Steve Lewine ’80

The Lewine Global Engagement Fund Significantly Boosts SUNY Brockport Global Opportunities with a $300K Commitment.

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Original Offices: Mike Starke’s Traveling RV

Remote learning allows teaching from anywhere. Mike Starke ’14, a nursing instructor, has successfully done it since 2019.

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Alumni Podcast Takes Flight

“Where Golden Eagles Soar!” debuts, featuring the incredible stories of successful graduates.

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A (s)LIVER of Hope

The story of a life-saving friendship that began at Brockport. 

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Water by the Spoonful Aims to Showcase Diversity and Inclusivity

Stephanie Paredes ’04, Alum & Co-Founder of the Rochester Latino Theatre Company, returns to SUNY Brockport to direct her first production, which she hopes will have a long-term impact on the campus community.

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When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Pound Cake

Alum combines family recipe and Brockport education to launch a sweet business.

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Alum wins Emmy for Role on ESPN’s SportsCenter

Cordell Cumming 18 says his student media experience helped pave the way for professional success

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Alum Served as Nurse to the First Family

A career in the Army Nurse Corps has stationed Racheal Wood ’05 around the world, including the White House Medical Unit.