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Laurel McNall headshot
September 19

Research shows that proper rest benefits mental and physical health outcomes among adolescents.

July 17

The journal Sleep Health recently published an online version of a research article authored by Jack Peltz (Assistant Professor of Psychology) and Caitlin Abar (Associate Professor of Psychology), in addition to colleagues from Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

June 12
Dr. Laurel McNall, Professor of Psychology, wrote an op-ed published in the Democrat & Chronicle on later school start times.
May 5
Dr. Jack Peltz received a career development grant from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to examine the relationship between college students’ sleep neurophysiology (via sleep EEG) and their daily functioning.
April 21

A “Survival” pantry for students has been created thanks to the generosity of faculty and staff working in Holmes Hall. The pantry is stocked with non-perishable food items, toiletries, school supplies, and, more. 

February 9
Assistant Professor of Psychology Jack Peltz recently authored a study with colleagues from the University of Rochester on the impact of pandemic-related stressors on parental sleep, parenting, and children’s behavioral problems.
Child with profession
December 19
This new track is a master’s in psychology with an emphasis in child life studies, which will prepare students for either further study in developmental psychology or complete the curriculum requirements for certification from the Association for Child Life Professionals.
November 3
Psychology alumni returned to campus to offer advice to current students.
September 8
Jack Peltz co-authored an article currently in press in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science. This study examined the impact of COVID-19 stressors on family and parents’ functioning.
July 11
David Jacobowitz followed his time at Brockport with a career in clinical practice as a master’s prepared psychologist and substance abuse treatment specialist, then a second career in research administration.
April 14
See what faculty members and students from the Department of Psychology have achieved as far as publications and conference presentations this academic year.
March 20

Psychology alum Michael Fensken ’20 presented research conducted with Dr. Jie Zhang and Dr. Marcie Desrochers at the 25th Annual American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Conference.

December 30
Rebecca Gunning worked with a probation officer in the Felony DWI Unit during her internship at Monroe County Probation during the Fall 2021 semester.
December 21
Lauren Soda ’21 completed an array of hands-on learning opportunities within the Department of Psychology including an internship and three different research opportunities while studying at SUNY Brockport.
Kheira Laroussi at Children's Institute
December 21
Kheira Laroussi, a psychology major at SUNY Brockport, recently completed an internship at the Children’s Institute of Rochester during the Fall 2021 semester.
September 22
Stay up to date with the latest accomplishments from the faculty and staff members in the Department of Psychology.
August 17
Dr. Laurel McNall, Associate Professor of Psychology, recently posted an Op-Ed based on her forthcoming research study on work-life balance both before and one year into the pandemic.
July 22
BS in Psychology
June 1
Dr. Laurel McNall’s op-ed about prioritizing worker well-being as employees return to physical offices was published on Sunday in the Democrat and Chronicle.
April 28
Psychology Alum Michael Fensken presented research at the SUNY Student Success Summit 2021 conducted with Dr. Jie Zhang and Dr. Marcie Desrochers.
Student using a microscope for research
March 17
SUNY recently approved a new BS degree in Neuroscience for SUNY Brockport. This program serves a growing interdisciplinary field that draws upon the knowledge-base from biology, chemistry and biochemistry, and psychology.
February 22
Read about publications, presentations, and grants that members of the Department of Psychology (including faculty and their students) have recently accomplished.
Aerial shot of Hartwell Hall
February 11
The college will field three new interdisciplinary programs in the Fall 2021 semester, including a community justice major that is the first of its kind in the nation.