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Daria Sparks and Jacob Straub banding a duck for research
April 28

Environmental science faculty and students participate in research to uncover the cause of Mallard Ducks’ population decline in recent decades.

Sarah Humiston photo
February 27


A connection to the Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program at Brockport gave Sarah Humiston countless opportunities for research and much more.

Kyle Morton on the water
January 20


“Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” is the mantra that drives Kyle Morton in his career.

Students on a boat catching fish for research in Lake Ontario
October 30

A 15-year-long monitoring program offers students and faculty the opportunity to take part in research to protect and improve the health of the Great Lakes.

Alumni holding a turtle in a wetland area
August 18

Graduate student pioneers research of microplastics in Lake Ontario.

Jacques Rinchard working with salmon eggs in the fish lab.
March 21

Professor uncovers what was preventing California Pacific Salmon from reproducing, earning an award from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.