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Photo of Nicolas Van Wie (left), Gerard Zukoski (middle), and Janiya June (right)
October 31

Four students are ranked in the top 10 of a global investment competition.

Cameron Harwick's holding up a mobile device to show his Pick.al application
September 18

Economics Professor develops innovative tool to encourage equity in classroom participation.

Hartwell Hall Autumn Drone Shot
September 1

Starting this semester, cybersecurity, early childhood inclusive education, economics, and graphic design majors will be offered to undergraduate students.

Student Loan Forgiveness explainer video
February 9
Economics professor Cameron Harwick sits down with an explainer on the recent student loan forgiveness program.
November 24
Please encourage interested undergraduates to apply to our Spring 2022 reading group in economics by December 1, 2021. Our book for next semester is about universal basic income.
August 5
Assistant Professor Cameron Harwick, from the Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance, explores the role of self-deception in governance in the Journal of Contextual Economics.
April 20
The ACC497 Tax Practicum class partnered with VITA and Rochester CASH to help the local community receive $136,000 in federal and state tax refunds.
April 19
The Leland B. Yeager Reading Group in Economics is back for Fall 2021. Apply now to join the group for free book and in-depth discussion of the global economy for sophomores, juniors, and seniors of any major.