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Keegan Beamish smiling at a monument in Washington DC
January 16

Keegan Beamish served as the Presidential Intern for the National Organization for Women (NOW), as part of the Washington Internship Program.

September 14

Elizabeth Thorpe (Associate Professor in the Department of Communication), has been asked to become editor of Communication Law Review in 2025.

Elijah Burke '18, social media manager at RFK Racing
August 21

Lifelong NASCAR fan, Elijah Burke ’18, leveraged his viral video to become the social media manager for RFK Racing.

August 25
Recent graduate offers insight for students looking to improve their communication skills.
Veronica Droser in her office
February 9
In Assistant Professor Veronica Droser’s interpersonal communication course, students are introduced to interpersonal communication, learning how to build and maintain more fulfilling relationships. She calls it “Relationships 101.”
December 14
Congratulations to Maddison Fiorello, Steven Daniszewski, Emmie White, and Spencer Burns for placing among the top speakers at the 2021 Digital Advocacy Competition hosted by the Department of Communication’s Brockport Debate Society.
November 30

Dr. Christopher Thomas and Dr. Veronica Droser presented their work at the National Communication Association Conference in Seattle, Washington.

Carvin Eison giving a lecture in class
October 29
Professor Carvin Eison of the Department of Journalism, Broadcasting and Public Relations has been leading the “Re-Energizing the Legacy of Frederick Douglass” project.
October 10

Dr. M. Elizabeth Thorpe, Department of Communication, will be a speaker at the inaugural Humanities Podcast Symposium this Friday, October 15, 2021.

Right: Jake Nickell, Lecturer in the Department of Communication and Director of the speech lab    Left: Isabelle Garzon, Speech Lab Assi...
October 6
The Department of Communication’s Speech Lab and its services are returning to SUNY Brockport. The Speech Lab is a free service available to students to help them with all levels of the speech preparation process.
September 17
Dr. Veronica Droser, Department of Communication, published a peer-reviewed article introducing a new approach to pedagogy.
September 13
Registration is now open to all Brockport Students interested in competing in the Brockport Debate Society’s Digital Advocacy Competition. Register and submit a video-recorded persuasive speech advocating for a solution to an issue facing our society.
September 7
Dr. Christopher Thomas published a book chapter that examines the use of spirituality by religious women fighting for a more just and sustainable world.
May 3
Students took part in the final round of the Digital Speech Competition and were asked “What do you see as the most important issue facing society in the next 10 years?”
Portrait photo of Elizabeth Thorpe
April 9
Associate Professor Elizabeth Thorpe launched her podcast, Kairoticast, in April 2020. She has produced nearly 50 episodes that use rhetorical principles and theory to provide commentary on current events.
April 5
Throughout February and March, undergraduate students prepared video submissions for a digital speech competition hosted by the Brockport Debate Society and eight students earned high enough scores to qualify for the final round of competition.
September 23
Associate Professor Alex Lyon is a sought after leadership expert that has traveled the country teaching America’s corporate titans.