Walk!Bike!Brockport! Canalway Challenge

Photo of the Erie Canal in Brockport, NY
Walk!Bike!Brockport! invites you to join Brockport’s greater community Organization Challenge. Stay active this season with your own personal challenge as part of the community’s total.

The Town-Gown Sub-Committee, Walk!Bike!Brockport!, created an Organization Challenge for the greater Brockport community. Each person has their own personal challenge whose miles count toward the organization’s overall total. Sign up and track your miles as part of the “Walk! Bike! Brockport! 2021” Organization Challenge! Use join code 60932a0d.

The Canalway Challenge is a great way for anyone to set their sights on adventure and fun along the 524-mile NYS Canal System and 365-mile Erie Canalway Trail. Whether you are an avid cyclist or a family looking to get more active, you chart your one-of-a-kind, personal mileage goal – whether cycling, paddling, running, hiking, or walking along the historic Erie Canal.

It is easy and free to sign up for your mileage goal, track your miles on your favorite fitness app or your Challenge log to record your miles. Choose your mileage goal to complete before the end of the season, October 31. 

  • 15 Miler
  • 90 Miler
  • 180 Miler
  • 360 End-To-Ender
  • 1 Mile Challenge, before the end of the season.

All participants are asked to follow New York State guidelines for COVID-19 while logging their miles. 

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Patrick Armstrong: parmstrong@brockport.edu

Posted: July 09, 2021