2021-2021 EMSA Award Winners

A round of applause for all of our EMSA Colleagues nominated for this year’s EMSA Awards. Please join us in congratulating those recognized.

The committee for Goal #4: A Great Place to Work, reviewed over 70 nominations. Congratulations to all of the selected professionals. SUNY Brockport, truly a great place to work! 

2021-20 EMSA Award Winners

Campus Partner:

  • Lynn Sperazza


  • Scott Haines

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Prevention and Outreach Services (POS) Lead by Mat Hall


  • Patrick Callery
  • James Grabina

Outstanding Mentor:

  • Mat Hall

Outstanding New Professional(s):

  • Terrian Garvis
  • Lauren Mazzeo

Support Staff Member of the Year:

Renata Labonte

Kudos Awards:

  • Heather Allen
  • Nora Bell-Owens
  • Jay Brown
  • Erin Chapman
  • Tasia Clemons
  • Darrell Deas, Jr.
  • Angela Guzman
  • Megan Henry
  • Thomas Hickey
  • Jane Lamaglio
  • Devin McDermott
  • Frank Noll
  • Benis Nsiah
  • Yezenia Rodriguez
  • Stephanie Sortino
  • Deidre Strutz
  • Steven Vedder

The Committee would like to thank all that submitted a nomination. We would also like to recognize our colleagues that were nominated (repeated names from another award are those that were nominated for more than one award).

Special recoginition to the nominated (in no specific order):

  • Debbie Lester
  • Kathryn Delaney
  • John Sheible
  • Tasia Clemons
  • Gil Bergmaster
  • Heather Difino
  • Mat Hall
  • Dani Drews
  • Milo Obourn
  • Carl O’Connor
  • Chris D’Orso
  • Brian Dickinson
  • Erin Chapman
  • Zaula Kennedy
  • Amy McNulty
  • Shellie Tucker
  • Janice Stewart
  • Angela Guzman
  • RLLC and ASC Staff
  • Katie Cariola
  • Jay Brown
  • Tom Hickey
  • Andy Newman
  • Student Athletes for Equity (SAFE)
  • Pam Setek
  • Monique Rew-Bigelow
  • Erick Hart

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Erin Rickman: erickman@brockport.edu

Posted: May 17, 2021