Psychology Alum Presents at SUNY Student Success Summit 2021

Psychology Alum Michael Fensken presented research at the SUNY Student Success Summit 2021 conducted with Dr. Jie Zhang and Dr. Marcie Desrochers.

Michael is a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and was the Center for Excellent Learning and Teaching (CELT) Student Fellow in 2019-2020. He has collaborated with Dr. Desrochers and Dr. Zhang since 2018.

Fensken, M., Zhang, J., & Desrochers, M. (2021). Evaluation of the effectiveness of teacher versus self-evaluation/self-reflection feedback to increase students’ behavioral observation skills. Virtual Conference. April 22-23, 2021. SUNY Student Success Summit 2021: Embracing Equity and Building Inclusive Excellence.

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Jie Zhang:

Posted: April 28, 2021