Brockport Students Present at SURC 2021

Eight SUNY Brockport student’s presented their scholarly activity at the virtual SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference 2021.

The seventh annual SURC in 2021 was held online as a ‘virtual’ conference hosted by SUNY Old Westbury on Friday, April 16. Eight SUNY Brockport student’s scholarly activity was accepted and presented. 

Paper Presentations:

  • Student Name: Rachel Horowitz
    Title: Measuring the Effect of Water on the Density, Viscosity, and Self-Diffusi
  • Student Name: Serena Blackburn
    Title: Adherence and Accessibility in the Workplace: Directly Consulting with Disabled Workers and Prospective Workers
  • Student Name: Catherine McConnell
    Title: Evaluating the Predictability of the Automation’s Role in Occupational Unemployment

Virtual Posters:

  • Student Name: Jarrod Ludwig
    Title: Insight of the Deepwater Sculpin Reproduction in Lake Ontario
  • Student Name: Melissa Barnosky
    Title: On the Basis of Politics: Public Approval of the Supreme Court
  • Student Name: Rhonda-Lee Forbes
    Title: Evaluating the Performance of Caching Strategies in Diverse Information-centric Network Settings
  • Student Name: Jillian Magyar
    Title: Non-Emergency Response Time Prediction using Deep Learning
  • Student Name: Matthew Morgan
    Title: Coarse-Grained Analysis of Twitter Communications After a Year into the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thank you to these students and their faculty mentors for your hard work on your project and your efforts to showcase your scholarly activity.

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Jamie Edwards:

Posted: April 27, 2021