Feedback Requested for New & Expanded Programs

The Academic Innovation Taskforce is looking for feedback on new forms that they are planning to implement in the College Senate process for the submission of all Senate proposals requiring new resources.

Before finalizing the process for submitting new innovative ideas, in an effort to be transparent and cooperative, the Academic Innovation Taskforce (AITF) is working in cooperation with College Senate Executive Committee. As such, the AITF has shared the following forms to be considered for combination with the College Senate process for the submission of all Senate proposals requiring new resources. We are asking for feedback from the college community on these forms and this process in this Mach form by May 1, 2021.

AITF Charge:

Using trend data (local, state, and National) identify areas where SUNY Brockport could create new or expand existing programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level with an emphasis on high-impact enrollment and revenue generation. The task force shall also track and report progress on new programs as they are developed, act as a resource to departments on the creation of new programs, and work with College Senate and VP Daniel to streamline the submission process.

The AITF has created three new forms (please see attached forms):

  1. Proposal for New Program– includes program level, program modality, description of program, market justification, student interest, current student retention, innovation, needed resources, recruitment efforts needed.
  2. Proposal for Expansion Program – includes justification for increased enrollment, current retention, resource needs, recruitment efforts needed, historical data.
  3. Program - Descriptive Data – includes estimated completed credits by new students in year 1 and 2, new faculty needed in year 1 and 2, data from IR, newly proposed SCH/FTE for year 1 and 2, new credit hours for winter and summer sessions.

Rationale for this change:

  • SUNY Brockport needs to bring NEW students to campus.
  • These forms provide important information about labor market trends as well as potential student interest.
  • These forms identify the NEW number of students that the program will attract to the college.
  • These forms identify the need for NEW faculty or staff.
  • These forms will help faculty answer critical market demand and resource needs for programs and will better prepare departments to draft stronger Senate proposals.
  • A ratio of student credits hours vs faculty full-time equivalents produces a factor in determining the strength of the need for more faculty. This step is completed to ensure that proposals create a comprehensive and data driven picture about the demand for resources, potentially increasing the likelihood that resources will be awarded.

The ATIF and College Senate Executive Committee welcome any feedback about this process and these forms. Please provide feedback using this online Mach form by May 1, 2021.

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Kathleen L Peterson:

Posted: April 15, 2021