Reminder: North Campus - Briggs Hall Electrical Repair

There will be two power shutdowns of approximately an hour and a half (spaced about three hours apart), beginning at 10 pm on Thursday, April 22. These repairs will finish the partial repairs made last month when north campus lost power.

You’ll likely recall that a little over a month ago the north side of campus lost power. Only a portion of the repairs to the damaged utility could be completed at that time. However, a new conduit has been installed and it is now time to move Briggs Hall from temporary power back to permanent, or line power. This work is scheduled for Thursday, April 22, throughout the early morning of Friday, April 23.

These shutdowns are needed to provide a safe environment for the electricians to first make the permanent repairs and then to complete the connection to the underground circuit.  It is anticipated that this work will take approximately six to eight hours to complete.  

The final phase of this repair will occur over the summer recess when daily campus operations can be avoided. This work has been scheduled to provide the least amount of disruption to the campus community.

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