Capital Project Summary for Summer 2021

Throughout the year, the Office of Planning and Construction labors continuously behind the scenes to plan and execute projects to repair and enhance the campus.

Throughout the year, the Office of Planning and Construction labors continuously behind the scenes to plan and execute projects to repair and enhance the campus.  While many of our projects go unnoticed or have little impact to our daily routines, others such as the North Campus Utility Project cause us to change our routine for the betterment of the institution.  The following major projects have been in the planning stage for years that are finally coming to fruition.  These projects are selected for this notification because they will cause a higher level of disruption to our daily routines.  We encourage you to take pride in the disruption of today for the benefit of tomorrow.

North Campus Utility Improvements  

Mgr. William McGorray
Schedule: Nov.’20-Nov.’22
Budget: $14,400,000

The underground utility infrastructure of the North Campus is old and in poor condition.  This is the second phase and continuation of the work from Kenyon Street to Dailey Hall.  The work includes the repair, upgrade, and replacement of underground infrastructure including water, sewer, storm water, electric, and data/communication systems.  Due to the vast amount of excavation, paved surfaces such as roads, parking areas, sidewalks, and plazas will be replaced, and accessibility challenges will be rectified.  Similarly, safety issues related to poor site lighting will be enhanced in this project.  When complete our aged and deficient utility infrastructure will be more reliable and allow continued uninterrupted occupancy of the Campus academic and residence halls.

New Campus Drive Reconstruction

Mgr. William McGorray
Schedule: Jun.’21-Nov.’21
Budget: $6,900,000

New Campus Drive is a major east-west route through the campus and thereby supports a significant amount of vehicular traffic.  The asphalt surface has been in decline for years and must now be replaced.  From east to west the road system will be completely removed and reconstructed from the base to the waring surface.  Utilities that cross the road will be replaced, and some that run parallel to the macadam will be relocated to lawn areas.  A vehicular detour will be delineated to reroute traffic from Commencement Drive to Kenyon Street along the south side of SERC and Tuttle South.  Correspondingly, a temporary drop-off circle will be constructed at the east end of Cooper hall while the main entry is reconstructed to better accommodate vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Parking lot-S will not be accessible during the summer months.  Similarly, the entire length of New Campus Drive will be separated from the campus at large via a construction barrier.  An at grade pedestrian crossing at the northeast corner of parking lot-T and the Tuttle-Drake bridge are the only opportunities to cross the work zone.  Please consider this when selecting your daily parking location.  When complete the newly paved road, curbing and site lighting will provide a reliable route for many years to come.

Seymour Union – Ballroom Renovation

Mgr. Michael Bair
Schedule: Sept.’21 - Aug.’22
Budget: $4,800,000

The Seymour Student Ballroom is a very heavily used assembly area at the Union building.  The scope of work for this project includes:  structural upgrades, interior finish replacement and enhancements, ADA compliance work, window and door replacements, envelope insulation improvements, mechanical HVAC equipment replacements, restroom expansion, fire protection improvements, fire alarm and detection improvements, lighting replacements, acoustic improvements, and sound system and projection system replacements.  The repair and modernization of these systems will bring the building up to current standards and enable this space to serve the future needs of the campus.

Carbon Monoxide Improvements

Mgr. William McGorray
Schedule: Jun.’21 - Aug.’22
Budget: $1,100,000

The NYS building code has been updated to require carbon monoxide detection and notification for all commercial and residential buildings. Initially, the scope of work includes upgrading the existing fire alarm control panels in academic and residential buildings.  In conjunction with panel upgrades, carbon monoxide detection and alarm functions are added to the system.  This work will ensure that the campus is fully compliant with the new building codes.

Regional Sports Complex 

Mgr. Michael Baird
Schedule: Jun.’21-Sept.’22
Budget: $5,500,000

This project includes the construction of a new artificial turf field directly adjacent to the west of the existing stadium.  It will support competition soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse.  The project includes field lighting, a limited amount of new bleacher seating, renovated and new accessible restroom facilities, a new press box that includes an elevator, and a new ticket booth.  The project will be mostly self-contained except for deliveries and truck traffic to and from the site.  Once complete, this field will provide a greater variety of locations for campus outdoor sporting events.

Please see the attached Summer 2021 Construction Map, as well.

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Laurie A. Smith:

Posted: April 13, 2021