Reminder: Feedback Requested for Middle States Self-Study Report Draft

If you haven’t already, please visit the Middle States Reaccreditation website, where you can watch a short video overview of the Self-Study Report draft, choose one or more chapters (about 12 pages each) to review and submit your written comments.

The College’s Steering Committee for institutional reaccreditation wants your feedback on the draft Self-Study Report for Middle States Reaccreditation and is offering you two ways to contribute.

The Steering Committee for the College’s Middle States reaccreditation effort seeks your input on our draft Self-Study Report. The draft report reflects 15 months of work by over 90 members of the College community serving in eight Working Groups and the Steering Committee. At this point, fresh perspectives from across the College community play a vital role in ensuring a high-quality and authentic self-appraisal. Campus-wide participation is key to successful reaccreditation, which is necessary for students who attend the College to be eligible for federal financial aid. The Steering Committee will review and consider all feedback as the Self-Study Report is revised and finalized.

There are two ways to make a contribution. First, you can read one or more chapters (each about 12 pages long) and provide your feedback through an online form. In addition to the introduction and executive summary, there are chapters about our Strategic Plan, ethics and integrity, academic programs, student support programs, assessment, planning and budgeting, and leadership and governance. All of these chapters are posted (as separate documents) on the Middle States Reaccreditation website. The webpage also has a video overview.

Second, you can attend one of two live Town Halls where we will present a brief overview of the Self-Study Report, answer questions, and gather comments. To attend, simply click on the link to join the Teams Live Event.

Click here to attend the Town Hall on Tuesday, April 20, 2-3 pm

Click here to attend the Town Hall on Monday, April 26, 1:15-2:15 pm.

We are gathering feedback until Friday, April 30, 2021.

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Amy Guptill:

Posted: April 09, 2021