Call for Spring 2024 University Senate Nominations

The deadline to submit nominations for faculty and staff to run in elections for several positions in Brockport’s University Senate is Friday, March 1, 2024. These important leadership roles help the institution achieve meaningful shared governance.

Senate President-Elect 2024-25 (then serves as President 2025-26, and Past-President 2026-27)

Leads the Brockport University Senate and plays critical roles in shared governance across the institution.

University Faculty Senator 2024-27

Represents SUNY Brockport on the SUNY System’s University Faculty Senate; sits on Brockport University Senate’s Executive Committee (may also be a concurrent department Senator)

Alternate University Faculty Senator 2024-27

Serves as the alternate for the elected position above. The Senate President-Elect may also run concurrently for this position, if desired.

Senator-at-Large 2024-26 (Three positions)

In addition to representatives elected by individual academic departments and administrative units, these three college-wide elected positions are voting members of Brockport’s University Senate.

Senator-at-Large for Contingents 2024-26

Specifically restricted to a Lecturer or professional staff member on a temporary line.

Please follow the attached link to access the nomination form, which requires at least 25 e-signatures from faculty and staff and needs to be submitted by Friday, March 1, 2024. Nominees will subsequently be asked to deliver brief statements during the March 18, 2024, Senate meeting before running in late March online elections.

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Dr. Skye Paine (

Posted: February 08, 2024