Student Behavioral Consultant Team: Who We Are & What We Do

The Student Behavioral Consultant Team is a multidisciplinary team of University employees that meet weekly to review and respond to the needs of students that are referred to the team.

The Student Behavioral Consultant Team (SBCT) provides consultation and support to faculty and staff who are addressing and/or responding to students’ behaviors that may be of concern.  SBCT also provides the referred student with the resources and support they may need during a difficult time they may be experiencing.

This team meets weekly to facilitate communication of confidential information regarding students of concern and address instances of students’ behaviors which have been brought to the attention of faculty, staff and/or students at the university. This team, acting as consultants, facilitates the coordination of efforts to respond to students’ needs by providing referrals, resources and support to the student.

Students exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical and emotional well-being may be referred to this team of professionals. Information from faculty, staff, administrators, and students is confidentially shared among the team members. Faculty and staff may refer a student by completing an online referral form on the SBCT Webpage.

By request, SBCT members will present at departmental/divisional meetings providing an overview of the team, present on topics such as trends in college mental health, management of disruptive students, de-escalation strategies in and out of the classroom, and emergencies in the classroom, just to name a few presentation topics.

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Posted: February 05, 2024