Grants Available from the Rochester Area Community Foundation

There are over 35 grants available from the Rochester Area Community Foundation, including those that support goals to create an equitable community and strengthen regional vitality.

There are over 35 grants available through Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF). Please view the link for additional information. Below highlights a few of the opportunities that might be of interest. If you are interested, please contact Justine Briggs to begin the process. 

  1. The African American Giving Initiative (due 4/17/21): The focus of the African American Giving Initiative is to build on the assets and address the challenges experienced most strongly within the African American community. Through its annual grantmaking, the Giving Initiative supports projects and programs that positively impact or directly reduce an identified disparity in the African American community and lead to systemic change. Collaboration with partners and/or the ability to replicate program achievements are also key components of a successful application.
  2. Arts Prevail Fund (due on a rolling basis): The Arts Prevail Fund was established by the Community Foundation to promote racial equity in the arts and to provide adaptive equipment needed by arts organizations in response to COVID-19, which may include personal protective equipment and technological support to continue with virtual programming. Applications are invited from non-profit organizations with programs that support this goal. Current funding opportunities include (but are not limited to) support for:
    • Multimedia projects or artwork created in response and to support documentation of the racial justice movement;
    • Programs or projects from nonprofits led by artists of color; and
    • Technology and safety equipment.
  3. Bernice Stauber Fund (due on a rolling basis): To assist and provide services to children under the age of twenty-one (21) who suffer from a physical, mental, or medical disability within Monroe County.
  4. LGBT+ Giving Circle (due 7/23/21): The LGBT+ Giving Circle unites donors to support organizations that serve, are inclusive of or are allied with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community to enhance and strengthen our region.

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Justine Briggs:

Posted: April 06, 2021