February 8: Retiring the Web Banner Password Reset Tool

As we prepare for the launch of Brockportal, BITS will be retiring the old Web Banner Password Reset tool on February 8, 2024. The functionality of this tool has been replaced by the Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset system and Multi-Factor Authentication.

It is important that your office review any departmental website instructions or other communications pertaining to how students and employees can set their initial password, or reset their current password. Please use the following links in any documentation you may have, as using these links will ensure you always have the most up to date instructions: 

Once the Web Banner based password reset tool retires, the menu item in the Brockport.edu Quicklinks menu will instead take you to the Accounts & Identities at Brockport article. This article will help you get to the appropriate resources if you need to claim your account for the first time or reset your password. 

Please note that the BITS Service Desk is always available 24x7 at (585) 395-5151 Option 1, for assistance with Brockport account access issues. 

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BITS Service Desk
Phone: 585-395-5151 Option 1
Web Portal: Brockport.edu/go/itservicedesk

Posted: February 02, 2024