New & Improved EagleSUCCESS for Spring 2024

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EagleSUCCESS is now powered by Slate, offering brand new features and a new look for old features. It is the place to go for your student/advisee interactions throughout the year.

BrockPortal (Web Banner) is the place for registration.


The EagleSUCCESS Faculty Hub is your tool!

Access the EagleSUCCESS Faculty Hub online. If prompted, select SUNY Brockport and use single sign-on credentials. This is where you will:

  • Complete Roster Verification Surveys
  • Create Kudos and Concerns for students—communicate with student AND give advisors a fuller picture of their advisees.
  • Email course rosters
  • Access links to the Student Dashboard, BrockPortal (the new look of Web Banner), and Degree Works


The EagleSUCCESS Student Dashboard is your tool for everyday advising!

Access the Student Dashboard from the Advisement Tab in the EagleSUCCESS Faculty Hub or visit the page directly. Use the EagleSUCCESS Student Dashboard to:

  • See a list of your advisees and detailed snapshot of their progress on your Homepage.
  • Search individual advisees for a deeper dive. Search a student’s 800# to see their:
  • Kudos/Concerns
  • Enrollment Status
  • Current Credits
  • Major
  • Course Schedule
  • Academic Standing
  • Semester Midterm and Final GPA
  • Overall Brockport GPA
  • Keep Appointment Outcome Notes and general Success Notes and see notes kept by other advisors for a student.

Training Opportunities

Now: Watch the EagleSUCCESS Faculty Hub Overview video and other tutorials online.

Watch for these opportunities to come:

  • CELT Training on February 6 and 7
  • Weekly drop-in Teams support hours

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