Stevie Rudak | January 17, 2024

Learning to Serve

Timothy Guillemette utilizes the knowledge he’s learned in the MPA program to meet the needs of the Greater Rochester community.

Timothy Guillemette ’23 advanced to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Greater Rochester Habitat for Humanity after earning his Master of Public Administration (MPA), showcasing the impact of graduate education in the world of non-profit leadership.

“Brockport’s MPA program was an easy choice,” Guillemette said. “Learning how to be a manager, leader, think strategically, and be fiscally responsible were new to me, and the curriculum met these needs. I was learning about topics that were directly related to the work I was doing.”

“Brockport’s MPA program was an easy choice. I was learning about topics that were directly related to the work I was doing.”
Timothy Guillemette

Greater Rochester Habitat for Humanity builds affordable homes for families, individuals, and communities by leveraging partnerships, expanding programs, and making a positive impact with the support of generous individuals, companies, and community organizations.

“To carry out our mission, all our teams need to work together cohesively,” Guillemette said. “I oversee several departments, including fundraising, construction, family services, human resources, and facilities. In many cases, I facilitate this collaboration among departments, streamline processes, and increase efficiency.”

Before securing his position as COO following a merger, Guillemette served in various roles within the organization, starting as a Family Services Coordinator and progressing through titles such as Family Services Manager and Family Services Director.

Headshot of Timothy Guillemette '23

Timothy Guillemette

“I started relatively entry-level,” Guillemette said. “As opportunities arose, I made sure I was well-equipped and well-positioned to take those. I just knew I wanted to be of service to others.”

Guillemette was inspired to apply to the MPA program by his supervisor, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Matthew J. Flanigan ’01.

“I saw my boss’s Brockport MPA degree hanging above his desk in his office,” Guillemette said. “That’s how I learned about the program. I look up to him. He’s in an executive role within a non-profit and had an experience that paid off. I decided to follow suit.”

Guillemette’s passion to non-profit work and leadership is consistently demonstrated in his everyday approach to the role.

“In this environment, I think, ‘What’s missing, and how do I make it happen?’” Guillemette said. “In the non-profit field, you’re never going to get bored. You have to be able to evolve and adapt.”