History Professor Publishes Article on Praise of the Prophet Muhammad

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Dr. Dávila’s article, “Poetry, Performance and the Prophet in the Andalusian Music Tradition of Morocco,” has recently been published in the new Routledge Handbook of Arabic Poetry.

The article explores the web of relationships that exist a) between the figures of the Prophet in exoteric verse versus mystical piety, b) among the various genres of classical Arabic poetry, and c) between the (orally) performed tradition and the written text.

Using several examples from this musical genre, the article underscores aspects of these relationships and describes the complicated but fascinating terrain inhabited by Prophet-piety in the Arabic-Islamic poetic tradition. The examples here present both echoes and contrasts with the rich tradition emerging from the famous “Mantle Ode” of Muhammad al-Būsirī (d. 1294).

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Carl Dávila (cdavila@brockport.edu)

Posted: January 11, 2024