New Advising Brockportal Applications

Two new Self-Service applications will be available in Brockportal within the next week. The Student Academic Profile for faculty and advisors and the Advisee Listing for advisors.

These new applications will be accessed from the current Self-Service Web Banner Menus and the application links will be designated with (Brockportal) to identify these applications will now open in the new Self-Service system. Please be patient when opening up these new applications. The newer web technology requires the files to be downloaded to your browser on the first access of the day.

The Student Academic Profile provides all academic information about a student in one place. The profile page will include a photo of the student (if a photo id is on file) and all academic information related to that student. The page also displays the student’s registration schedule, holds and an easy-to-use display of the student’s advising key. The page also includes a link to display the student’s Degree Audit and other related information. This new application page will replace many Web Banner menu links as information is now centrally located.

The Advisee Listing will provide a list of students that you have been assigned to advise. The listing will include a photo (if a photo id is available in the system) and basic academic information related to the student. You will be able to email your entire list of advisees as well as select specific students to email.

Please take time to review these new and improved applications. The ASC will be providing trainings on the new applications in the near future.

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Sandie Almekinder (

Posted: January 10, 2024