Environmental Science & Ecology Professor Receives Research Grant

Dr. Jacques Rinchard received a research grant ($12,528) from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of Vermont to continue evaluating thiamine concentrations in Atlantic Salmon eggs from Lake Champlain.

Thiamine deficiency complex is an ongoing problem impacting natural recruitment of salmonine species in the Great Lakes Region and Lake Champlain. Atlantic salmon egg thiamine levels have been monitored from females spawned at the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Service Ed Weed Fish Culture Station since 2003. Under this grant, Dr. Rinchard and undergraduate student researchers will measure thiamine levels in eggs of Atlantic Salmon collected from Lake Champlain in 2023 and from a feeding experiments.

The grant will be administered by The Research Foundation for SUNY, under the  Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs Office.

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Laura Merkl (lmerkl@brockport.edu)

Posted: January 09, 2024