Brockportal Makes an Appearance

Select Self-Service applications will be available in the new system Brockportal within the next few days. The Personal Information Management application for faculty, staff, and students and the Student Academic Profile for students.

These new applications will be accessed from the current Self-Service Web Banner Menus and the application links will be designated with (Brockportal) to identify those applications that will open in the new Self-Service system. Please be patient when opening up these new applications. The newer web technology requires the files to be downloaded to your browser on the first access of the day.

The new Personal Information Management application will display current address, email, phone and other personal information, with the ability to update some information. The Student Academic Profile provides all academic information for the student, including registered courses and course information on one page. There are also links to view their holds, Degree Audit and other related information.

BITS is excited to release the first of many new and updated self-service applications. As additional applications are implemented, they will be added to the current Web Banner menus.

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Sandie Almekinder (

Posted: January 04, 2024