Call for Participants in CELT Continuous Improvement Faculty & Staff Learning Community

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If you have an interest in delving deeper into the realm of continuous improvement within a supportive workshop setting, become part of the Continuous Improvement Faculty & Staff Learning Community (FLC) during the upcoming Spring 2024 semester.

The Continuous Improvement Faculty & Staff Learning Community (FLC) provides a collaborative space for members to share and discuss their ongoing improvement initiatives within their respective programs. Members from diverse programs and departments come together to offer mutual support.

The FLC is comprised of six to eight members who actively participate in bi-weekly meetings centered around various continuous improvement topics.

Purposes of FLC:

  • Helps faculty explore continuous improvement as an approach in their programs, identifying challenges and opportunities with their peers.
  • Provides a workshop-style environment for discussing faculty‚Äôs program-based continuous improvement efforts.
  • Creates opportunities for faculty to showcase their program- or department-based continuous improvement efforts, whether nascent or fully realized.

If you are interested in joining this Spring 2024 Continuous Improvement FLC, please contact Catie Lalonde at by January 26, 2024 at 5pm.

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Posted: January 15, 2024