Book an Information Literacy Session with Your Librarian

Learn more about information literacy sessions and fill out our quick form to have a librarian follow up with you in January.

It is time for instructors to start thinking about booking information literacy sessions for their courses!

From our Research Guides to the books, journals, and databases you use to conduct research, Drake Memorial Library creates and supports remarkable resources for our campus. One resource that our librarians take a lot of joy in providing are information literacy sessions!

Information literacy sessions are great opportunities to get your students acquainted with library resources, their subject-specific librarian (or library liaison), and bolster their information literacy practices. Information literacy is extremely important to your students’ journeys as burgeoning researchers!

Typical topics that these sessions might cover are:

  • Developing a Search Strategy
  • Evaluating Scholarly Sources
  • Navigating the Library’s Search, Google Scholar, etc.
  • Using Subject-Specific Databases
  • So much more.

Your library liaison will be able to tailor their information literacy session to meet your students’ needs, and the specific research needs with respect to your assignments.

If you are an instructor that is planning to request a information literacy session, please fill out this form, and a librarian will follow up with you!

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Author: Brigette Meskell


Posted: December 14, 2023