Sociology Professor Publishes Article on Corruption & Fraud in NGOs

Dr. Heidi Rademacher (Department of Sociology) recently published “Beyond the Bribe: Corruption and Fraud in Local-Level NGOs” in a special issue of Sociology of Development. 

The article summarizes foundational theories on corruption and fraud, highlighting their Western standpoint, which can be limiting in the context of developing nations, followed by an examination of the contemporary development literature on local-level NGOs in the global South to illustrate why any exploration of corruption and fraud in these organizations must first address their unique circumstances, including globalization and neoliberalism, environments of uncertainty, organizational frames, and national structures of inequality, and how each can create opportunities for corruption and fraud.

The article concludes with a case study of alleged corruption and fraud at a local-level NGO in Kathmandu, Nepal, to illustrate the vulnerability of such NGOs and how an integrated approach can provide a better model for understanding the complexities of corruption and fraud in the developing world.

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Posted: December 13, 2023