Jim Vetuskey – the Rest of the Story!

Jim Vetuskey

In a recent issue of “Bud’s Beat,” there was a story about emeritus Jim Vetuskey that included information about his son Brendon’s career. It included a link to a short video showing Brendon building and driving a 1955 Chevy hot rod and made mention that Brendon worked for “Hot Wheels” and that the car would also become one of their toys. (This writeup was provided by Jim Vetuskey.)

There was also reference to the fact that Brendon was rebuilding a 1956 Chevy “hot rod” for Jim. That car was recently transported from California to New York and presented to Jim and here is the rest of the story.

Hot rod keys.

It was not by chance that Brendon chose the 1956 Chevy. The story is that Jim saved his money and purchased a 1956 Chevy while in high school shortly after he became eligible to have a driver’s license. Jim’s story is: “My father simply refused to allow me to have a car while I was in high school. Even though I earned the money and paid for it myself. I sold the car rather than bringing it home.” But, in the process Jim held onto one of the keys to the ’56 Chevy. Brendon had heard the story about the 56 Chevy long before creating the hot rod for Jim. Knowing that Jim had held onto a key to the ill-fated 56 Chevy he had purchased in high school, Brendon knew what to do for Jim: Just imagine your son converting a 1956 Chevy like you had owned briefly while in high school into a hot rod with an ignition especially rekeyed to use that original key!

Keep an eye out for a bright red 1956 Chevy hot rod with a vintage driver behind the wheel when the skies brighten and roads clear in the spring. Thanks to Jim and Brendon for a great story!

Hot rod engine

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