Professor from Iceland to Visit Campus & Give Lecture

Dr. Ingi Por Einersson from the University of Iceland will be visiting campus the week of December 11 to conduct research and speak to our students. The lecture will be held on Tuesday, December 12 at 6 pm in the Eagles Lookout.

About Dr. Ingi Por Einersson


Ingi studied sport science and his BS thesis discussed race analyses in swimming. He then earned his master’s degree in Sport Science from the University of Iceland with strong collaboration with the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. His master thesis (A comparison of race parameters in Icelandic swimmers with and without intellectual disabilities) is one of the research that the S14 classification system is based on today. He then defended his Ph.D. Dissertation, Physical fitness and health of Icelandic children with intellectual disability

Research Fields & Collaborations

Ingi has published several articles in peer-reviewed papers about the performance of Intellectually disabled (ID) swimmers, as well as papers on physical fitness and public health among intellectually disabled children. In addition, he has published papers on open-water swimming as well as on Functional Aquatic Resistance Training. He is also currently in international research teams that are looking into classification research, with a focus on swimmers with ID. He is also one of the more experienced ID classifiers.

Coaching Career

Ingi started coaching in 1989 as a junior coach for a local swimming club. He has worked with swimmers with disabilities swimming at the Paralympic Games since 1996 and has currently worked with swimmers who have won eight medals at the Paralympics.

Work Career

Ingi is a lecturer at the University of Iceland and is currently an assistant professor at Reykjavik University. 

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Posted: December 04, 2023