Student Employment Updates

Keep up to date with minimum wage and student employment updates for the winter break and spring semester.

Wage Information

Minimum wage for student employees (WS & TS) will be raised from $14.20 to $15 on December 21,2023. Any student employee making below $15 will have their wage rate automatically increased on that date. Supervisors are not required to submit anything additional.

If you have students working at a wage rate above $14.20 and would like to give a wage increase to coincide with minimum wage changes, please fill out Wage Rate Increase for each student by December 7, 2023.

Departments with large employee rosters can contact for a spreadsheet to update.


Ensure students submit timesheets before they head home.

  • All timesheets from fall semester need to be submitted/approved by December 20.

Remind student employees to check the address in SUNY Time & Attendance – Paychecks & 2023 W-2’s will be mailed to that address.

  1. Log in: Time & Attendance System
  2. Select “SUNY HR Self Service”
  3. Select “Address”
  4. Update/save changes (may take two – three pay periods for a change to take effect)

All paychecks/paystubs are being MAILED to the address on file in the Time & Attendance System. Changes made to their address in Banner do not carry over to SUNY Time & Attendance System.

Winter Break

Student employees are authorized to work during winter break. Notify of any students graduating in December, not returning, or no longer working for you – so we can end their timesheet.

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Author: Madi Hiddie


Posted: December 01, 2023