Student Employment Updates

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Minimum Wage and Student Employment updates for the winter break and spring semester. 


Minimum wage for current student employees (work-study and temporary service) will be raised from $14.20 to $15 on 12/21/2023. Any student employee making below the new minimum wage of $15 will have their wage rate automatically increased on that date. Supervisors are not required to send us any documentation for these students.

Important info:

If you have students working at a different wage rate at or above $14.20 who have increased responsibilities, and you would like to give them a wage increase to coincide with the minimum wage changes, please fill out a student employment wage increase for each student by 12/07/2022. Wage Rate Increase

Departments with large student employee rosters can contact for a spreadsheet of student information to be updated.

Additionally, remember if you have students working under work study, that pot will diminish more quickly so, student schedules may need to be adjusted to accommodate the entire semester. Students can contact Financial Aid to see if they can increase their WS allotment. If students run out of WS, and need to remain working, they will need to be switched over to temp services. So, plan and track accordingly.


As students work their last shifts at the end of the semester, please ensure they submit timesheets before they head home. Please check to be sure that a timesheet was submitted and approved for each pay period the student worked.

  • With minimum wage increasing, we will need all timesheets from the fall semester to be submitted and approved by 12/20.

Please remind student employees to check the address on file with SUNY Time & Attendance – Paychecks & 2023 W-2’s will be mailed to the address on file.

  1. Log in to the Time & Attendance System:
  2. Select “SUNY HR Self Service”
  3. Select “Address”
  4. View address that we have on file
  5. Update (if needed) and save changes (may take 2 – 3 pay periods for a change to take effect)

All paychecks (& paystubs if you set up Direct Deposit) are being MAILED to the address on file in the Time & Attendance System. Changes made to their address in Banner do not carry over to SUNY Time & Attendance System, they must make changes themselves in the system. Paychecks are mailed by the Office of the NYS Comptroller (OSC) and cannot be picked up in the payroll office.


Student employees will not be terminated during winter break this year; they are authorized to work the full academic year. As the supervisor it is your responsibility to determine schedules, manage budgets, and communicate with your student employees’ specifics about their position and your department. Please check-in with your students about work-study awards and plans for work in the spring semester.

Important information:

Let student employment know of any students graduating in December, not returning in the spring, or no longer working for you – so we can end their timesheet.

We appreciate you taking the time to verify student employee information. Let us know what questions you have.

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Student Employment

Posted: December 01, 2023