Leverage EagleSUCCESS to Schedule Student Advisement

Student receiving advisement advice from faculty

Utilize EagleSUCCESS to help you schedule your appointments, whether they are remote or in person, and then document the outcomes.

Schedule your office hours:

Make an appointment with a student:

  1. Click on the “Students” option from the main menu ( the 3 lines in the upper-left portion of the screen)
  2. Enter the student’s name in the search box and click go
  3. Click on the student’s name to open their file
  4. Click the “+Appointment” button on the top of the screen
  5. Select a time, location, and a reason for the appointment and click submit
  6. The student will receive an e-mail with the meeting details

Link your EagleSUCCESS Calendar to your blackboard calendar

You can also watch this brief video demonstration on how to link your calendars

Please Note: You must be logged into Blackboard to access this video. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a group/individual training session please contact us by email at eaglesuccess@brockport.edu

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