History Professor Leads Workshop for Organization of American Historians

Dr. Elizabeth Garner Masarik and the historians of Dig: A History Podcast lead a professional development webinar for the Organization of American Historians on Tuesday, November 21.

On November 21, at 3:30 pm, host Ellen Wu, Indiana University, talked about using podcasts to engage with public audiences with the historians from “Dig: A History Podcast”–Averill Earls, Sarah Handley-Cousins, Marissa C. Rhodes, and Elizabeth Garner Masarik.

During this hour-long conversation, they addressed questions such as “Why is it important for trained historians and traditionally labeled ‘academics’ to engage in public facing history?” and “How can historians take complicated and nuanced histories and make them digestible for a general audience?”  

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Elizabeth Garner Masarik (emasarik@brockport.edu)

Posted: November 20, 2023