January 26: Spring 2024 Merge Course Deadline

Friday, January 26, 2024 is the last day you can request to have courses merged in Brightspace. The reasoning for this is the potential loss of course and/or student-submitted content within the course shells once the semester has begun.

Exceptions may be approved by the provost based on a recommendation from the dean and consultation with BITS.

Before you make the request, please check to see if they are already merged: Check for Merged Courses

Courses can be merged only if they meet specific criteria (FERPA) which will be determined by the Brockport Registrar. For example, they must meet in the same location and time.

If you do not see multiple courses listed, and you believe they meet FERPA requirements, then here is your option:

  1. Complete this IT Service Desk Ticket: Request to Merge Course
  2. Your request will be reviewed by the Registrar.

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Author: Jeff Thompson



Posted: December 04, 2023