Lydia McCarthy

Master of Social Work (MSW)

A future clinician, Lydia McCarthy chose an internship that gives her experience in assessment, case management, therapeutic intervention, process group work, and crisis support.


Describe your most significant academic accomplishment.

“I have recently begun my second year MSW internship at the University of Rochester Counseling Center, which will help me immensely in my future life as a clinician.”

How has the above experience impacted your future plans?

“While I am just at the start, this internship will train me to support young adults as they navigate higher education. I will gain experience assessing incoming clients and helping them through case management, one-on-one therapeutic intervention, and process group work. I will also be on-call at different times throughout the year, offering crisis support. This internship will prepare me for a career in clinical work.”

What would you tell a future student interested in your field of study?

“Social work offers many options post-graduation — it will give anyone interested in the mental health field a solid foundation. While the program and classes are important, the internship is equally important in determining where a student will ultimately land. I would recommend being open to a general social work experience for the first year and then advocating for a second-year internship in an area you are most excited about.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose Brockport.

“I am an artist and educator and am coming to social work as a career change. I chose the MSW program at Brockport because it emphasizes cultural humility and social justice, the faculty, and because it is part of the SUNY system.”

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