Ashley Singletary

Master of Social Work (MSW)

With her professors’ guidance and field experience, Ashley Singletary became the best version of herself — counselor, advocate, and leader.


Describe your most significant academic accomplishment.

“I recently received my Master of Social Work at Brockport. I truly enjoyed my experience there. The professors are phenomenal, have a lot of knowledge, and are very helpful. They take their time educating us and are patient and kind. They have a way of pushing students to be the best versions of themselves, which is truly inspiring to see in peers, yet more so to experience. I completed my internship at Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts (RA) where I learned so much. The staff there are supportive and informative. I was able to obtain a hands-on learning experience while being guided by the school’s Social Worker. This position has also allowed me to grow in the field. I am now a full-time employee at this location as the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) specialist. This position allows me to have a caseload of students who I counsel. I attend home visits and interact with families. I am part of the Behavior Support Team, where I work closely with different school officials, and families to create plans to better assist students in need. I also run Professional Development sessions, helping to educate staff on the importance of SEL, trauma, and restorative practices, as well as the many ways we implement them at the school. I assist in running different programs. I helped start the peer mediator program and the big buddy program at the school. I am viewed as one of the leaders within the building and fortunate enough to assist in shaping the amazing culture we have at the school.”

How has the above experience impacted your future plans?

“The above experiences have impacted my future in many ways. I have gained more confidence and knowledge from attending Brockport and completing my master’s degree. I am able to take the knowledge obtained and apply it within my work at RA, which has assisted in my growth within the job. I am now able to guide and assist others, better assist the students, while sharing my knowledge with other staff and assisting them with their connections with students, as well as student needs. I had the opportunity to be a mentor at my job, helping to guide the behavioral interventionist with his position, as well as a teacher. My experiences have helped me to become a better advocate, social worker, leader within the building, and so much more. I am forward-thinking and have also joined the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee at the school to ensure all individuals within the building are treated with respect and obtain what they need to progress.”

What would you tell a future student interested in your field of study?

“I would first ask them their reasoning to ensure they are passionate about helping others, have patience, are open-minded, are a people person, and are willing to learn and grow. I would then welcome them into a field where they can assist in bettering another person’s life. A selfless field where your interactions with others count, a place where you have the ability to work with others in assisting them with their needs. I would also point out the amazing connections that can be made within the position, the wonderful experience of watching clients grow, progress in life, and accomplish life goals, and the ability to know you assisted in their journey and helped them, which is one of the best experiences. I would encourage the right individuals to be in it for the right reasons to join a position where they can assist in making lives change for the better.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose Brockport.

“I am a diverse individual when it comes to school. I was not the typical straight-out-of-school student. I had been out of school for some time and seeking a welcoming school that met students where they were while pushing them to where they needed to be, understood the importance of differentiating, and had intelligent professors helping to guide, educate, and assist diverse students while still being patient, kind, and obtaining the core values I had been learning within the social work field. I saw Brockport and looked into what they offered and thought I would give it a try. Thankfully, I did! Everything I listed I was looking for is exactly what I received within the master’s program at Brockport. The staff was exceptional, my peers were supportive, and the program itself was differentiated and offered many styles of learning to best cater to the needs of students. I was truly blown away in the most positive way imaginable.

After graduating, I actually reached out to Professor Viggiani asking for guidance and help prepping for an interview (during her summer break). Being the amazing professor she is, she made time to assist me even though I had graduated from the program. This showed me her dedication to truly wanting the best for her students, whether they are current students or not. Professor Meath is another amazing staff member who dedicated her time during the summer to assist students with prepping for the licensing exam. The staff at Brockport are genuine and truly care about the success of their students. It does not matter if you are still enrolled or not. When those connections are made, they ensure that they continue to offer their support indefinitely, and those are relationships that can last forever. I highly recommend the master’s program at Brockport if you are seeking an exceptional education, with positive lifelong relationships, assisting in guiding you to fulfilling your career dreams.”

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