Due February 15: Foundation Scholarship Applications

Please promote our Foundation Scholarship opportunities to students in your classrooms, networks that are specific to your department, and any other students that may be interested. Foundation Scholarships provide recognition and much needed financial assistance for students.

The Brockport Foundation manages over 350 active scholarship funds that will provide more than $600,000 in student financial assistance in over 500 awards for the 2024-25 academic year. The average disbursement amount for a Foundation Scholarship is $1,100 and amounts range from $200 to over $10,000+. Students can apply annually for consideration from November 15 to February 15.

Current students must apply through the scholarship portal to be considered for scholarship opportunities. Scholarships possess specific criteria that typically focuses on merit, financial need, involvement, and/or a combination of other qualifications. Students can search for and apply for opportunities they are eligible for in the scholarship portal.

New Features this Year

  • Incoming undergraduate and graduate students will not be applying for consideration through the scholarship portal. Eligible incoming students will be considered for opportunities based on the information provided in their admission application. This change provides a streamlined approach for students and aids in enrollment initiatives.
  • Soon, students will be able to log in using their Brockport account portal via single sign on to provide integrated access to the scholarship portal.

Please encourage your students to apply for recognition and critical student financial assistance to help defray the costs of their education.

Students, and faculty/staff, can contact the Foundation Scholarship Office with questions or to schedule an appointment by calling (585) 395-5105 or by emailing scholarships@brockport.edu.

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Foundation Scholarship Office: scholarships@brockport.edu or (585) 395-5105

Posted: November 15, 2023