Using OER in Spring Courses


Textbook orders for Spring are due soon to the Bookstore. If you are still deciding on your course materials, consider the benefits of adopting Open Education Resources (OER) as an alternative to commercially available materials.

OER resources have several advantages including:

  • being available from the first day of class
  • supporting student completion and retention
  • providing flexibility in instruction

This year, a number of Brockport faculty are participating in an AAC&U Institute on Open Educational Resources and/or a campus OER Faculty Learning Community. Both aim to increase Brockport OER use and support to keep courses affordable for our students. Research has shown greater retention as well as improved equity when students can access course materials immediately and freely.

You may already use OER resources. If so, please be sure to indicate this on the Bookstore ordering website. But if not, and you have any interest in exploring what is available, see the links below to get started. If you have questions, you can also connect with campus OER champions including:

As always, feel free to contact Drake Librarians including Mary Jo Orzech (OER campus program coordinator) to assist in finding materials and to ensure timely reporting.

Brockport OER webpage

Other OER websites to get started:

    • Provides links to full courses including ancillary materials as well as textbooks.
    • Search site linking to both textbooks and course materials. There’s variability in the quality and ease of use of materials, so if your first click isn’t useful, try a few more, and use filters for more specific responses.

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Author: Mary Jo Orzech


Posted: November 10, 2023