Dance Professor Premieres New Commission on Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company

Concert poster image for Chronology by Wasatch Contempoary Dance Company

Jessica Heaton, Artistic Director of Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company, commissioned Kaley Pruitt to create a new work for her company titled, With Abandon. They premiered Pruitt’s piece in their season concert titled, Chronology at Orem Library Hall in Orem, Utah.

 Pruitt was in residence with WCDC during August to create the piece.  WCDC premiered Pruitt’s work in their season concert titled, Chronology at Orem Library Hall in Orem, Utah November 11 alongside works by choreographers Artistic Director Jessica Heaton, Rachel Robinson, Shani Robison, and Hayley Stoddard.

Pruitt’s With Abandon creates a whimsical, dynamic, and vivid world. The dancers of WCDC have strong athleticism, artistry, and camaraderie within their company, and this choreography leans into those strengths. With Abandon is about re-living the times we’ve felt free from all inhibition. Some of her movement inspirations came from looking back at childhood and feeling the sense of pure abandon in that innocent time. Other portions of the material are sourced from the flickers of that freedom that we stumble upon in adulthood, and how we can hold and relish those moments. With Abandon is a playful escape of sorts, but also a reminder for us to make time and space to be free and find joy at any age.

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Posted: November 10, 2023