Women & Gender Studies Faculty Present at National Women’s Studies Association

Six people standing in front of screen that reads Critical Pedagogies in Practice: Lessons from the Classroom

Dr. Bek Orr and Dr. Milo Obourn present paper, workshop, and roundtable at the 2023 Annual NWSA conference in Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Bek Orr participated in the workshop “Critical Pedagogies in Practice: Lessons from the Classroom” in which six teacher-scholars from five higher ed institutions — all with a background in gender and race studies — shared ideas about crafting syllabi to creative assignments, applying women’s and gender studies to multiple disciplines and assessment, this interactive workshop promises to deliver on provocative ideas and take-home examples that participants can implement in their own pedagogical practices.

Dr. Milo Obourn gave a paper entitled “Abolishing the Legit Suffering Narrative: Liberatory Joy in Trans and Disability Justice,” which analyzed ways people disabilities and transgender people are expected to narrate their suffering and/or lack in order to access supports, healthcare, accomodations etc., with a specific focus on the federal appeals court decision to consider gender dysphoria as a disability under the ADA.

Dr. Obourn also moderated a panel on “(Anti)work in the Academy” with colleagues from Rutgers, RIT, CUNY, and the Universtiy of Rochester. 

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Milo Obourn (mobourn@brockport.edu)

Posted: November 10, 2023