Copy Your Brightspace Course Without the Blue Ink Smell

Duplicator machine with handbook - also known as a Ditto machine

In 1923, Wilhelm Ritzerfeld made it possible to copy content using the Rexograph - better known as the Ditto machine. 100 years later, we have Brightspace, and the course copy process couldn’t be easier.

There is one option for copying your course:

  1. The complete course copy guide from one semester to the next: How-To Brightspace Import, Export, Copy Courses (requires you to log into Brightspace)

Before copying a previous semester into the Spring 2024 course shells, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Is my course Online Ready? Review Online Teaching at Brockport. This course contains a Course Readiness Checklist, the SUNY Asynchronous Template, as well as other Brightspace support and resources.
  2. How does my course measure up the the SUNY Online Course Quality Review Rubric (OSCQR)? Details are also located in the Online Teaching at Brockport course.
  3. Am I doing a course copy, a course modification, or do I need to do a complete redesign, and how do I get help?
    1. Brightspace Course Planning & ASIS Team Appointment Requests 

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Author: Jeff Thompson


Posted: November 09, 2023