Merging Spring Courses in Brightspace

Spring courses have landed in Brightspace. Before you request courses to be merged, please check to see if they already are.

Check if your Courses Merged

  1. Log into Brightspace
  2. Go to the BRO - 24SP - Spring 2024 tab in the My Courses Widget
  3. Select one of the courses listed
  4. Select “Course Tools” from the Nav bar
  5. Select “Roster”
  6. Change View By from “User” TO “Sections”
  7. Click “Apply”
  8. In the Sections drop-down box you may see multiple classes listed and “All Sections”

If you see multiple courses listed then your courses are merged.

Courses can be merged only if they meet specific criteria (FERPA) which will be determined by the Brockport Registrar. For example, they must meet in the same location and time.

If you do not see multiple courses listed, and you believe they meet FERPA requirements, then here is your option:

  1. Complete this IT Service Desk Ticket: Request to Merge Course
  2. Your request will be reviewed by the Registrar.

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Author: Jeff Thompson


Posted: November 07, 2023