Fall 2023 IAS Survey Launch Dates

Provost Abraham has approved the IAS survey dates. The new IAS Instrument will launch electronically to students’ Brockport email between November 27 and December 9. Students will receive a daily email for each course they are enrolled in with an individual, and one-time-only use, link to the course survey. The reminders will stop once they respond to the survey.

Increasing Response Rates:

  • Devote 10 to 15 minutes during class time and encourage students to use their digital devices to access the link in their email and complete the survey
    • If a student does not have a device, or requires adaptive technologies, encourage them to visit other campus resources when time permits.
  • In online courses, factor the completion of the IAS instrument into the weekly time commitment for class activities that week.
  • Frequently remind students to complete the IAS instrument after it has launched.

The survey:



  1. My understanding of the course subject matter increased.
  2. The course was well organized.
  3. The instructor treated students with respect.
  4. The instructor’s explanations helped me understand course content.
  5. Instructor feedback on coursework helped me to learn.
  6. The instructor used class time for course related material.
  7. The instructor was responsive to me outside of class (If you did not contact the instructor outside of class select N/A)


  1. Please identify something specific about the course or teaching that helped you learn. (Please explain)
  2. Were there any instructional barriers to your learning in this course? (Please explain)
  3. Please comment on how the instructor’s use of technology helped you learn in this course. Please skip if not applicable.
  4. What advice would you give to other students to get the most out of this course in the future?

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Author: Jeff Thompson



Posted: November 13, 2023