Business Professor Plants Copse of Sweet Gum Trees

Sweet Gum Trees Being Planted Along The West Branch of the Niagara River

Michael F. Ziolkowski, Associate Professor International Business, planted a copse of Sweet Gum (Liquidambar Styraciflua) trees on the New York State Parks West River Parkway on Grand Island, New York.

Sweet Gum are a native species favored by nuthatches, finches, and chickadees. The Niagara River Corridor was officially designated an International Important Bird Area (IBA) of global significance by the Audubon Society, the Canadian Nature Federation, Bird Studies Canada, and BirdLife International in 2002. Working with park manager John Wenner and the Grand Island Nature Alliance (GINA), this project is one of several that fit into New York State’s West River Parkway Landscape Management Plan.

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Michael F. Ziolkowski (

Posted: October 28, 2023