Looking for Halloween Inspo? 🎃 Here’s a Few Ideas

Choosing your Halloween costume can be super fun, but it’s equally important to be mindful of our choices and respect the diverse cultures that make Brockport so vibrant.

Halloween Costume Reminders:

Respect other cultures.

Costumes that mimic or incorporate elements of another person’s cultural heritage can be demeaning and display cultural insensitivity.

Examples of insensitive costumes include those that perpetuate stereotypes or involve religious characters. Instead of picking a costume that replicates someone else’s culture or identity, you can dress up as a ghost, wizard, witch, or skeleton.

Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Is my costume culturally, ethnically, or racially-based?
  • Could this costume be viewed as disrespectful or offensive?
  • How would others feel about this costume?

Questions like these help you gain a sense of what costumes are appropriate for the holiday ahead.

Our University is dedicated to maintaining a respectful community in support of all its members. If you experience or notice bias, report it.

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