Earth Sciences Faculty & Students Present at Geological Society of America Meeting

Dr. Nandini Kar gave an invited talk and two geology majors made poster presentations at the recent Geological Society of America meeting in Pittsburgh.

  • Dr. Kar’s presentation was entitled ‘Cenozoic Evolution of the Northern Central Andean Plateau of Peru.’
  • Geology graduate Alysha Zazubec (currently a M.S. student at the University of Oklahoma) presented a poster entitled ‘Paleoclimate Analysis of the Neogene Eastern Himalayan Siwalik Deposits Through Biomarker Proxies.
  • Geology junior Elias Adamson-Endres gave a poster presentation entitled ‘Biomarker Analysis of Baffin Bay Sediments to Determine Late Pleistocene Paleoclimatic Changes in Greenland.’

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Scott M. Rochette (

Posted: October 23, 2023