Participate in the Fannie Barrier Williams Project

Fannie Barrier Williams, circa 1880.

This spring, we invite students, faculty, and staff to participate in learning more about the life, times, and multifaceted legacies of the Brockport-born social justice activist.

The core idea of the Fannie Barrier Williams Project is to learn more about this significant figure’s life, times, and multifaceted legacies. Join us in our shared inquiry during the spring 2024 semester.

For students, we invite you to enroll in Dr. Michael J. Kramer’s course, The Fannie Barrier Williams Project (HST/AAS/WGS 381) to learn more about this important but understudied American. In the course, students will develop projects about either Fannie Barrier Williams’ biography, historical context, or her broader legacy and relevance to contemporary times. Bring your interests and curiosity to connect them to this important figure!

For faculty, we invite you to connect teaching, research, and service to the FBW Project: a unit in a class, an entire course, a cross-course collaboration with another instructor or department on campus, or some other idea can link to Fannie Barrier Williams’ own life and times—or to her wider legacies, such as her commmitment to social justice or her interest in the arts.

Staff are very much encouraged to participate as well if interested.

Finally, there will also be a series of FBW Reading Groups open to all as opportunities to read a bit of Fannie Barrier Williams’ own writing and learn more about her.

Curious to talk? Contact FBW Project Co-Director Dr. Michael J. Kramer,

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Michael J. Kramer:

Posted: October 17, 2023